• Commission Policy Changes and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Changes

    March 22, 2023 - WSCUC

Policy Changes

Separately Accreditable Institutions Policy

Accreditation of an institution includes, beside the main campus, all off-campus sites such as branch campuses and additional locations. A branch campus may pursue, or be directed by the Commission to pursue, its own stand-alone accreditation. This policy was revised to be explicit about the criteria for becoming separately accreditable. In addition, relevant information from another WSCUC policy called Separately Accreditable Internationally Owned Institutions Policy has been incorporated into this policy. The Separately Accreditable Internationally Owned Institutions Policy has been retired.

Staff contact: Barbara Gross Davis

Sharing Information with Other Agencies and Regard for their Decisions Policy

The Dually Accredited Institutions Policy has been retired and key points from that policy have added to this policy: an institution’s responsibility to describe itself in identical terms to each accrediting body and the Commission’s responsibility to review an institution that has been placed on sanction or had its accreditation withdrawn by another agency.

Staff contact: Barbara Gross Davis

Institutional Appeals Policy

This policy was revised and approved by the Commission to comply with federal regulations. It removes the section on Grounds for Appeal.

Staff contact: Christopher Oberg

Request for Comments on Policies

WSCUC is seeking public comments on proposed changes to one policy. Click the link below for more information about the policy. Please send comments to policies@wscuc.org by May 26, 2023. The revised policy reflecting received comments will be reviewed and considered for adoption by the Commission at its June 2023 meeting.

Proprietary Information Policy

This policy was created in 2012, likely when the Commission approved posting team reports on the WSCUC website. The policy defines proprietary information and describes the Commission’s requirements for maintaining the confidentiality of such information and the conditions under which information may be disclosed. The policy was revised to include subheadings for the content, to clarify some of the wording, and to add a section on related policies.