• Updates to KID – New Undergraduate Earnings Trends

    July 20, 2023 - WSCUC

When WSCUC launched its Key Indicators Dashboard (KID) in 2021, an element for “earnings more than a high school graduate,” sourced from the US Department of Education’s College Scorecard, was included in the Post-Grad Outcomes area of KID. The Department did not regularly update the metric, however, and the information became outdated.

Fortunately, the Department’s April 2023 College Scorecard update includes new earnings data. The Scorecard metric reporting the institution’s percentage of students earning more than a high school graduate (for students who received federal financial aid) has been restarted and therefore added back to KID with additional detail and years of data. The hover symbol on the KID page includes more details on the metric.

The metric is now located in the Post-Grad Outcomes area of KID. It indicates the percentage of undergraduates who were recipients of federal financial aid who are working and not enrolled and earning more than a high school graduate at 6-, 8-, and 10-year intervals from their initial enrollment at the institution. This metric is compared to both WSCUC specific and national averages, and the page displays the percentage of students with federal loans at the institution to provide context. The earnings more than a high school graduate metric is one example of information that can be used as evidence for CFR 2.11. The Commission, in consultation with institutions, researchers, and its Data Work Group, continues to explore additional metrics to add to KID that will help WSCUC institutions provide evidence for CFR 2.11.