• WSCUC Retirements:  Appreciation for Two Departing Staffers

    July 26, 2018 - WSCUC

Henry Hernandez, at WSCUC for more than a decade and currently CIO, helped pioneer our Graduation Rate Dashboard and benchmarking projects, while pursuing important collaborations with accreditors, federal agencies, and researchers. Henry has contributed significantly to WSCUC’s policy, operations and technology innovations and provided leadership in improving the agency’s information systems to better serve the Commission’s decision making processes, to facilitate the engagement of member institutions, peer reviewers and staff in the accreditation process and improve the accessibility of accreditation information to the public.

Siobhan Williams is retiring, having served for over eight years as Visit Process Manager and for the last two Years as Manager of Information Resources and Special Projects. She set a high standard for effectiveness, responsiveness, and precision. Perhaps more than any other single employee, Siobhan has interacted with WSCUC volunteers as they joined and participated in teams. Her recent work – mostly behind the scenes – has promoted greater clarity in documents and data on which the agency depends.

We will miss their historical insights and commitment to our work.