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Pacific Union College

One Angwin Avenue

Angwin, CA 94508-9797

United States

Telephone: (707) 965-6313


Staff Liaison:Each institution is assigned a staff liaison who is their primary point of contact for accreditation activities. Maureen A. Maloney

Student Achievement URL:WSCUC Standards require that institutions regularly generate, evaluate, and make public data about student achievement, including measures of retention, and graduation, and evidence of student learning.

Current Accreditation Status:Accredited with Notice of Concern - Reflects the Commission's finding that the institution, while it currently meets WSCUC Standards, is in danger of being found out of compliance with one or more Standards. Accredited with Notice of Concern

Most Recent Commission Action: May 31, 2023

First Accredited:Date the institution was first accredited by WSCUC. 1951

Undergraduate FTE: 779

Graduate FTE: 12

Financial Structure Type:Institutions within the WSCUC region are classified as Non-profit, For-profit or State-supported. Non-Profit

Sponsorship:Choices include: No related entity, Proprietary with Parent Board, Religious Control, Multi-institutional system, Other. For more information please see the Related Entities Policy. Religious Control

Academic Calendar:The period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to 2 semesters or trimesters, 3 quarters, or the period covered by a 4-1-4 calendar system. Quarter

Distributes Federal Financial Aid: Yes

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Accreditation Liaison OfficerLindsay MortonVice President for Academic
Board of Directors ChairSandra RobertsExecutive Secretary of Pacific Union
Chief Academic OfficerLindsay MortonVice President for Academic
Chief Executive OfficerRalph
Chief Financial OfficerJoy HirdlerChief Financial
Director Institutional ResearchCraig PhilpottInstitutional
OPEIDNameCityLocation TypeStatus
00125806PUC Napa CenterNapaAdditionalActive
00125800Pacific Union CollegeAngwinMain CampusActive
DegreeDegree LevelYear ImplementedModality
Art A.S.Associate1984On-Site
Art BABachelors1960On-Site
Associate of Science in Personal TrainingAssociate2019On-Site
Aviation A.S.Associate2007On-Site
Aviation B.S.Bachelors1997On-Site
BS in Emergency Services (Paramedic)Bachelors2020On-Site
Bachelor of Arts in Global HealthBachelors2023On-Site
Bachelor of Science in Data ScienceBachelors2020On-Site
Bachelor of Science in Global HealthBachelors2020On-Site
Biochemistry B.S.Bachelors2016On-Site
Biology B.S.Bachelors1957On-Site
Biology BABachelors1937On-Site
Biomathematics B.S.Bachelors2011On-Site
Biophysics B.S.Bachelors1971On-Site
Biotechnology B.S.Bachelors2017On-Site
Business Administration B.B.ABachelors1981On-Site
Business Administration B.S.Bachelors1936On-Site
Business Administration BABachelors1938On-Site
Chemistry B.S.Bachelors1950On-Site
Chemistry BABachelors1937On-Site
Communication B.S.Bachelors1962On-Site
Communication BABachelors2009On-Site
Computer Information Systems B.S.Bachelors2016On-Site
Conservation Technology, B.S.Bachelors2021On-Site
Design A.S.Associate1993On-Site
Design BABachelors2012On-Site
Early Childhood Education A.S.Associate1973On-Site
Early Childhood Education B.S.Bachelors1980On-Site
Education M.Ed.Masters2000On-Site
Emergency Management B.S.Bachelors2014On-Site
Emergency Services A.S.Associate2008On-Site
Engineering A.S.Associate2013On-Site
English BABachelors1922On-Site
Environmental Studies B.S.Bachelors2008On-Site
Exercise Science B.S.Bachelors2002On-Site
Film A.SAssociate2011On-Site
Film B.F.A.Bachelors2012On-Site
Film BABachelors2012On-Site
Fine Art B.F.A.Bachelors2012On-Site
Graphic Design B.F.A.Bachelors2012On-Site
Health Communication BABachelors2013On-Site
Health SciencesBachelors2023On-Site
Health Sciences A.S.Associate2012On-Site
History BABachelors1922On-Site
History Political Studies and Ethics B.S.Bachelors2012On-Site
Language and Culture Studies BABachelors2016On-Site
Liberal Studies B.S.Bachelors1987On-Site
Management for Medical Professionals B.S.Bachelors2015On-Site
Master of Arts in Teaching MAT.Masters2013On-Site
Master of Business AdministrationMasters2022Distance Education
Masters of Science in Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing EducationMasters2023Distance Education
Mathematics B.A.Bachelors2023On-Site
Music A.S.Associate2002On-Site
Music B.S.Bachelors1956On-Site
Nursing A.S.Associate1960On-Site
Nursing ASAssociate1997On-Site
Nursing B.S.N.Bachelors2009On-Site
Nursing B.S.N.Bachelors1935On-Site
Nursing B.S.N.Bachelors2015Distance Education
Physical Education B.S.Bachelors1956On-Site
Psychology B.S.Bachelors1971On-Site
Psychology BABachelors1971On-Site
Religion BABachelors1945On-Site
Social Studies B.S.Bachelors1971On-Site
Social Work B.S.W.Bachelors1979On-Site
Theology BABachelors1947On-Site
SeasonYearReview Type
Fall2025Offsite Review
Spring2026Accreditation Visit