Resources for ALOs


The Accreditation Liaison Officer Policy is a helpful overview of expectations for the ALO role. To follow is additional information about some of your duties and website links to key policies, procedures, and resources you will need to meet your responsibilities:

Resources for New ALOs
An orientation webinar for new ALOs was held in May 2020 and the session was recorded. The recording and slides from this session were updated in April 2021. View the New ALO Orientation webinar or download the presentation slides.

Remote Review Resources

ALO Forums 2020 and 2021
The ALO Forum - Change and Change Agents Webinar was held on 5/28/20 and featured the work of four ALOs followed by a panel discussion with WSCUC Vice Presidents. The ALO Forum - What’s New & Lessons from the Pandemic was held on 4/29/21 and featured Vice Presidents offering updates and an expert panel of ALOs talking about moving forward from the pandemic. The webinar recordings are available by clicking on the links for each event.

The Handbook of Accreditation
Familiarity with the Handbook of Accreditation, the Core Commitments and Standards of Accreditation is an important ALO competency.

Statement of Accreditation Status
The WSCUC Directory of Institutions includes a Statement of Accreditation Status with important information about your institution including your assigned WSCUC staff liaison. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is both up-to-date and accurate, including reporting any changes to key personnel, new program offerings or changes to your institution's locations of operation.

Upcoming reviews and visits
ALOs work with their staff liaisons and other WSCUC staff to prepare for upcoming reports and reviews. Consult your institution’s Statement of Accreditation Status page in the WSCUC Directory of Institutions for a list of these upcoming events.

Responses to review team and Commission recommendations
Make sure you regularly familiarize yourself with your institution’s last institutional report, WSCUC team report and the related Commission Action Letter (CAL) and determine how your institution has responded to the recommendations of the team and the Commission, including progress made or planned. ALOs typically keep a record of these materials. WSCUC has been making public team reports and Commission Actions Letters since June 2012. Contact your staff liaison if you are missing any of these documents and/or they are not listed on your institution's Statement of Accreditation Status page in the WSCUC Directory of Institutions.

Substantive Change
You are responsible for ensuring that your institution follows policies and procedures related to Substantive Change. Substantive Change policy requires that certain kinds of changes at your institution are reported to and/or approved by WSCUC in advance of implementation. These changes generally include new offerings (such as new programs, off-campus sites and distance education programs) and changes in your organizational structure (such as mergers with other entities). Familiarize yourself with the Substantive Change policy, be sure that your institution has a process in place for changes to be submitted to WSCUC for approval and review these proposals before submission to assure that they are complete and accurate. More...

Accreditation Management Portal 
The Accreditation Management Portal provides an online submission system for Substantive Change screening (to evaluate whether or not WSCUC approval is required) and/or applications. In addition to submitting screening requests for new programs you can use the system to submit applications for new off-campus sites and/or Structural Change reviews. Previous or upcoming invoices for annual dues or fees for various services will be found in the portal. Consult the current Dues and Fees Schedule for more information. Please ensure that invoices from WSCUC and/or reimbursements for expenses incurred by team members during visits are paid timely.

Another responsibility of the ALO is responding to complaints that have been submitted to WSCUC about your institution. If WSCUC receives such a complaint, WSCUC staff reviews it to see if it is well documented and falls within the scope of the complaint policy. If it does, staff forwards the complaint to you to investigate and respond. WSCUC only handles complaints that raise an issue with an institution’s compliance with WSCUC Standards and policies. More...

Annual Report
As ALO, you are responsible for preparing and submitting an Annual Report each May. More information about the reporting elements can be found here.

Academic Resource Conference (ARC)
WSCUC provides an opportunity for institutions to gather annually at its Academic Resource Conference (ARC) held in April. We hope that you will gather an institutional team to participate in this major event. At the ARC, the Commission sponsors two special events for ALOs on Wednesday: a New ALO Orientation early in the morning, and a luncheon and forum for all ALOs, at which we discuss policies, Standards and developments in the accreditation process. The ARC includes sessions and workshops on emerging issues in higher education and on all aspects of the review process, including seeking accreditation, the reaffirmation of accreditation process including the Offsite Review and Accreditation Visit, Substantive Change, Special Visits, hosting a visit and related topics as planning, assessment, and improving student learning. 
The website provides news about the agency and region, a Schedule of Upcoming Events and specifics about the WSCUC Commission and our staff in addition to a number of other resource to be aware of including:

Document Library 
The Handbook of Accreditation and another to the documents list of all WSCUC policies and a variety of helpful material. 

Resources for Institutions
Inventory of WSCUC processes and a list of “How-To Guides.” 

Educational Programs 
Information about our Academic Resource Conference (ARC), the Assessment Leadership Academy (ALA), and other WSCUC affiliated professsional development opportunities.