Staff Directory

The WASC Senior College Commission office consists of the President, and several Vice Presidents and Associates who serve as institutional liaisons. The administrative staff support the Commissioners, staff committees, and manage the everyday functions of the Commission.

David Chase
Associate Vice President, Educational Programs
dchase [at]
Konami Chisholm
Accreditation Resource Coordinator
kchisholm [at]
Barbara Gross Davis
Vice President
bdavis [at]
Beth Forest
Director of Information Technology
bforest [at]
Mark Goor
Vice President
mgoor [at]
Karen Graham
kgraham [at]
John Hausaman
Director of Substantive Change and Committee Relations
jhausaman [at]
Tamela Hawley
Vice President
thawley [at]
Errin Heyman
Project Manager, Advancing Learning Outcomes Visibility Initiative
eheyman [at]
Julie Kotovsky
Director, Educational Events
jkotovsky [at]
Tarmia Lowe
Accreditation Process Coordinator
mlowe [at]
Maureen A. Maloney
Vice President
mmaloney [at]
Kris Matarrese
Commission Support Manager, Executive Assistant to the President
kmatarrese [at]
Christopher N. Oberg
Vice President/COO
coberg [at]
Henri Okinishi
Information Systems Manager
hokinishi [at]
Richard Osborn
Vice President
rosborn [at]
Linda Petersen
Vice President
lpetersen [at]
Kristina Powers
Research Fellow on Student Achievement
kpowers [at]
Marcy Ramsey
Visit Process Manager
mramsey [at]
Deirdre Riley
Educational Events Coordinator
driley [at]
Jamie Studley
Jamienne S. Studley
jstudley [at]
Michael Toliver
Director of Finance and Operations
mtoliver [at]