Statement of Accreditation Status
California State University, Fresno

5200 N Barton M/S ML 54
Fresno, CA 93740-8014
United States

The OPEID number is used by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) to identify schools that have Program Participation Agreements (PPA) for purposes of eligibility to participate in Federal Student Financial Assistance programs under Title IV.

Current Accreditation Status

Accredited- Indicates that the Commission has found that an institution has met or exceeded the expectations of the Standards and the Core Commitments to Institutional Capacity and Educational Effectiveness. Initial accreditation is for a period of five to seven years before the next comprehensive review. Reaffirmation is granted for a period of seven to ten years and may be accompanied by a request for interim reports and/or special visits, or a formal Notice of Concern.

Most Recent Commission Action: 
Friday, February 19, 2016
First Accredited

Date the institution was first accredited by WSCUC.

Undergraduate FTE: 
Graduate FTE: 
Financial Structure Type

Institutions within the WSCUC region are classified as Non-profit, For-profit or State-supported.


Choices include: No related entity, Proprietary with Parent Board, Religious Control, Multi-institutional system, Other. For more information please see the Related Entities Policy.

Multi-institution System
Academic Calendar

The period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to 2 semesters or trimesters, 3 quarters, or the period covered by a 4-1-4 calendar system.

Distributes Federal Financial Aid: 
Rolesort descending Name Title E-mail
Accreditation Liaison Officer James Marshall Dean of Graduate Studies and Assistant to interim provost jamesm [at]
Board of Directors Chair Lillian Kimbell Chair of the Board of Trustees of the CSU trusteesecretariat [at]
Chief Academic Officer Xuanning Fu interim provost xfu [at]
Chief Executive Officer Saul Jimenez-Sandoval Interim president sjimenez [at]
Chief Financial Officer Deborah Adishian-Astone Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer debbiea [at]
Director Institutional Research Matt Zivot mzivot [at]
OPEID Location Namesort descending City Location Type Status
00114700 California State University Fresno Fresno Main Campus Active
00000000 CSU Bakersfield Bakersfield Additional Active
001147 Fresno State Visalia Campus Visalia Branch Campus Active
Degreesort descending Degree Level Year Implemented Modality
Accountancy M.S Masters 1983 On-Site
Administration & Leadership for CBOs (Humanics) Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Adventure Based Programming Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Africana Studies BA Bachelors 1998 On-Site
Agricultural Business B.S. Bachelors 1961 On-Site
Agricultural Education B.S. Bachelors 1973 On-Site
Agricultural Science M.S. Masters 2003 On-Site
Agriculture Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Alcohol/Drug Studies Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Animal Science B.S. Bachelors 1990 On-Site
Anthropology BA Bachelors 1964 On-Site
Applied Behavior Analysis MA Masters 2019 On-Site
Applied Sociological Research Methods Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Architectural Studies Pilot Program B.S. Bachelors 2020 On-Site
Art Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Art BA Bachelors 1941 On-Site
Art History, B.A. Bachelors 2018 On-Site
Art MA Masters 1960 On-Site
Athletic Training, MS Masters 2020 On-Site
Biochemistry B.S. Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics, Geoscience Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Biology B.S. Bachelors 1951 On-Site
Biology M.S. Masters 1949 On-Site
Biomedical Physics B.S. Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Biotechnology Non-degree 1987 On-Site
Biotechnology M.Bt. Masters 2005 On-Site
Business Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Business Administration Masters 2012 Distance Education
Business Administration B.S. Bachelors 1958 On-Site
Business Administration B.S. Bachelors 1958 Distance Education
Business Administration MBA Masters 1963 On-Site
Business Information Systems Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Research Methods Non-degree 2018 On-Site
Certificates of Special Study (Undergraduate) Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Chemistry B.S. Bachelors 1951 On-Site
Chemistry BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Chemistry M.S. Masters 1962 On-Site
Chicano Studies BA Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Child and Family Science B.S. Bachelors 2018 On-Site
City and Regional Planning Bachelors 2017 On-Site
Civil Engineering B.S. Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Civil Engineering M.S. Masters 1989 On-Site
Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling M.S. Masters 1983 On-Site
Cognitive Sciences B.S. Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Communication BA Bachelors 1978 On-Site
Communication MA Masters 1949 On-Site
Communication Skills for Professionals Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Communicative Disorders BA Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Communicative Disorders M.A. Masters 2013 Distance Education
Communicative Disorders MA Masters 1971 On-Site
Community and Regional Planning Non-degree 2015 Distance Education
Composition Non-degree 1992 On-Site
Computer Engineering B.S. Bachelors 1991 On-Site
Computer Process Control Network Administration Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Computer Science B.S. Bachelors 1986 On-Site
Computer Science M.S. Masters 1990 On-Site
Construction Management B.S. Bachelors 1993 On-Site
Construction Management, M.S. Masters 2020 On-Site
Conversational American Sign Language Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Counseling M.S. Masters 1983 On-Site
Creative Writing Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Creative Writing M.F.A. Masters 1949 On-Site
Criminal Justice Counseling Specialist Non-degree 1996 On-Site
Criminology B.S. Bachelors 1948 On-Site
Criminology M.S. Masters 1997 Distance Education
Criminology M.S. Masters 1956 On-Site
Cross Cultural Competency Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Dance, B.A. Bachelors 2018 On-Site
Dietetics Non-degree 1998 On-Site
Dietetics Non-degree 1998 On-Site
Doctor in Nursing Practice DNP Professional Doctorate 2012 Distance Education
Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP Professional Doctorate 2019 Distance Education
Economics BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Education MA Masters 1949 On-Site
EDUCATION SPECIALIST Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Educational Leadership and Administration, M.A. Masters 2020 On-Site
Educational Leadership Ed.D Professional Doctorate 2007 On-Site
Educational Technology Non-degree 1992 On-Site
Electrical Engineering B.S. Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Engineering M.S. Masters 1976 On-Site
English Non-degree 2000 On-Site
English BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
English MA Masters 1949 On-Site
Enology B.S. Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Entrepreneurship Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Environmental Sciences B.S. Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA Masters 2003 On-Site
Fashion Merchandising B.A. Bachelors 2018 On-Site
Finance Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Food and Nutritional Sciences B.S. Bachelors 1990 On-Site
Food and Nutritional Sciences M.S. Masters 1998 On-Site
Forensic Behavioral Sciences B.S. Bachelors 2019 On-Site
French Non-degree 2000 On-Site
French BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Geographic Information Systems Non-degree 2012 Distance Education
Geography BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Geology B.S. Bachelors 1959 On-Site
Geology M.S. Masters 1968 On-Site
Geomatics Engineering B.S. Bachelors 1975 On-Site
Gerontology Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Global Awareness Non-degree 2008 On-Site
Graphic Design B.F.A. Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Health Science B.S. Bachelors 1967 On-Site
Higher Education Administration & Leadership, M.A. Masters 2020 On-Site
History BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
History MA Masters 1949 On-Site
Homeland Security Non-degree 2012 On-Site
Human Resource Management Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Industrial and Educational Technology Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Industrial Technology B.S. Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Industrial Technology M.S. Masters 1992 On-Site
Integrated Design B.A. Bachelors 2019 On-Site
Interdisciplinary Studies M.S. Masters 2002 On-Site
Interdisciplinary Studies MA Masters 2002 On-Site
Interior Design BA Bachelors 1990 On-Site
International Relations MA Masters 1964 On-Site
Jewish Studies Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Kinesiology B.S. Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Kinesiology MA Masters 1997 On-Site
Latin American Studies BA Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Liberal Arts, BA (Degree Completion Program, online) Bachelors 2019 Distance Education
Liberal Studies BA Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Linguistics BA Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Linguistics MA Masters 1967 On-Site
Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Marketing Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling MS Masters 2019 On-Site
Mass Communication & Journalism BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Mass Communication & Journalism MA Masters 1969 On-Site
Mass Communication and Journalism Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Mathematics Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Mathematics B.S. Bachelors 2018 On-Site
Mathematics M.S. Masters 2019 On-Site
Mechanical Engineering B.S. Bachelors 1965 On-Site
MULTIPLE SUBJECT Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Music Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Music BA Bachelors 1941 On-Site
Music MA Masters 1958 On-Site
Natural Sciences BA Bachelors 1995 On-Site
Network Administration Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Network Routing and Internetworking Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Nursing B.S. Bachelors 1958 On-Site
Nursing B.S. Bachelors 2011 Distance Education
Nursing M.S. Masters 1968 On-Site
Organizational Management Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Peace Building and Mediation Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Philosophy BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Physical Education Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Physical Therapy D.P.T. Professional Doctorate 2012 On-Site
Physics B.S. Bachelors 1951 On-Site
Physics M.S. Masters 1957 On-Site
Plant Science BA Bachelors 1990 On-Site
Plant Science M.S. Masters 1988 On-Site
Political Science BA Bachelors 1938 On-Site
Preliminary Speech-Language Pathology Services LSH Non-degree 2007 On-Site
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Non-degree 2008 On-Site
Psychology BA Bachelors 1952 On-Site
Psychology MA Masters 1949 On-Site
Public Administration M.P.A. Masters 1980 On-Site
Public Health M.P.H. Masters 1992 On-Site
Pupil Personnel Services Non-degree 1991 On-Site
Racial Understanding Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Reading and Literacy Added Authorization Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Recreation Administration B.S. Bachelors 1959 On-Site
School Psychology Ed.S. Masters 2008 On-Site
Serving At-Risk Youth Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Social Science Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Social Sciences Legal Studies Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Social Work BA Bachelors 1963 On-Site
Social Work M.S.W. Masters 1963 On-Site
Sociology BA Bachelors 1964 On-Site
Southeast Asian Studies Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Spanish Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Spanish BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Spanish MA Masters 1970 On-Site
Special Education MA Masters 1969 On-Site
Special Event Planning Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Special Major B.S. Bachelors 2005 On-Site
Special Major BA Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Speech-Language Pathology M.A. Masters 2019 On-Site
Sports and Entertainment Facility Management Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Sports Marketing Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Teaching American History Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Teaching American History Non-degree 2009 On-Site
Teaching English as a Second Language Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Non-degree 1993 On-Site
Teaching MA Masters 2005 Distance Education
Theatre Arts BA Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Victim Services Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Viticulture & Enology M.S. Masters 2002 On-Site
Viticulture B.S. Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Water Resource Management M.S. Masters 2013 Distance Education
Women''s Studies BA Bachelors 1998 On-Site
Season Year Review Type
Spring 2025 Offsite Review
Fall 2025 Accreditation Visit

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